For your next event, consider serving your guests a whole pig roast. It is quite the sight to see a whole pig roasting over a pit. In addition to having a delicious meal, you also want to be certain you prepare the feast in a safe manner. If this is going to be your first time roasting a pig, then make sure you brush up on the best tips and practices.

  • Consider All Methods of Roasting: There is more than one way to roast a pig. You can boil it in oil, bury it in your backyard’s pit or cook it rotisserie style. Every method has its pros and cons, and each variation is going to produce a distinct flavor. You should also consider your personal skillset before deciding on a cooking method.
  • Clean the Pig Once Its Home: Once you have transported the pig to your home, you want to clean it off immediately. This prevents bacteria like E. coli from developing. You can hose it off and then apply a fine layer of salt. You can also soak some rags in a salt-based water solution to clean it off that way.
  • Keep It Cold: Unless you are immediately going to start roasting the pig, you want to keep it cold for the time being. It is not going to fit in your refrigerator, so you may need to fill a tub with ice to keep it there. Make sure you clean the tub afterward with a strong bleach solution once the pig is removed.
  • Cook at the Right Temperature: The best rule of thumb is that you want the temperature of the meat while you are cooking to be 195° Fahrenheit. The air around the pig needs to be somewhere between 225° and 250° Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature to end up with a real tender meat.
  • Serve the Meat Immediately: There is no need to wait before serving the meat to guests once you remove it from the spit. Not only is hot meat going to be tastier, but it will be safer to consume at a higher temperature.
  • Package Leftover With Ice: Chances are good you will have some leftovers afterward. After all, it is going to be a big pig. Put the leftovers in containers filled with ice.

If you have any more questions about cooking a pig or if you would like to order one, then contact Skip’s on the Ridge. We offer whole pigs for you to take home for your next event, so call us at 585-865-3896 to pre-order.

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