When you purchase beef, do you know what grade it is? The USDA has three grades of beef, and it really makes a difference what grade you are eating in terms of quality, taste, and recommended cooking preparation. Here is an explanation of the grades, along with why you should look for higher quality beef for you and your family when grocery shopping.


The Grades

The three grades of meat sold to restaurants and individual consumers are Prime, Choice, and Select.

1.) As the top quality grade of beef, the Prime selection is from young cattle with a major amount of marbling throughout. Prime cuts are mainly sold to the restaurant market.

2.) The Choice cuts of beef are high quality as well, but have less marbling than cuts that are classified as Prime.

3.) Select beef is even leaner than Prime and Choice and has a varying amount of tenderness.



The marbling in Prime or Choice beef enables these grades to be prepared by a dry heat cooking method such as grilling, broiling, or roasting. Less tender cuts of Choice grade meats cook up beautifully with a little bit of marinade or broth in the roasting pan. Select beef needs preparation that conserves as much moisture as possible, as there is a danger the beef will become overly dry when cooked. This grade of meat will need to be marinated ahead of time or cooked with liquids and watched so it does not overcook.



It is very easy to get great taste and texture from Choice grade meats. They work great for either throwing on the grill for friends and family, or slowly dry-roasted in the oven. Along with being a superior source of protein and iron, beef is a great source of vitamins B6 and B12, selenium, and niacin. For the best nutritional value, it is important to find a quality meat market that provides fresh, high-quality beef. Choice grade cuts are not only good for you, they taste great as well.


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