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Take dinner up a notch. From farm to table, our poultry selection is one the freshest, minimally-processed in the region. Some of the poultry items you’ll find at Skip’s includes chicken products such as chicken breast, thighs, drumsticks, gizzards, and cordon bleu. We also carry frozen hen, duck, goose, and turkey products. And, of course, we carry several specialty favorites for your holiday season!

Some products are not always available. Please call us to check the availability at (585) 865-3896.


fresh chicken
Whole Wings
Whole Chicken
Party Cut Wings
Chicken Leg Quarters
Chicken Gizzards
Chicken Drumsticks
Boneless Chicken Thighs
Boneless Chicken Breast
Bone-in Thighs
Bone-in Chicken Breast


cordon bleu
Ground Chicken
Cordon Bleu


Varies Types Breaded Chicken
Chicken Backs
Chicken Necks
Chicken Liver
Cornish Hens
Baking Hen


Whole Frozen Turkey
Turkey Wings
Turkey Necks
Turkey Gizzards (Thanksgiving Only)
Turkey Drums
Bone-in Turkey Breast


Fresh Whole Turkey (Thanksgiving Only)
Fresh Bone-in Turkey Breast (Thanksgiving Only)
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